Tips for men to get ready in a formal way

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Men are very sensual when they are preparing for office. They take a lot of time to get ready in a formal attire. They make sure that their attire is selected in such a way so that they look smart as well as attractive at the same time. In formals they have to make sure that they are matching the color of the shoes and the belt. It looks really amazing. It is a very important aspect in the total get up.

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While selecting socks it should be remembered that socks is the extension of shoes .Many do the mistake of matching socks with the color of the trousers. Socks should be matched with the color of the shoes.

However, at the time of putting a tie lot of things had to be taken care . It takes a long time to get it right. The color of the skin tone definitely needs to be considered while selection of the shirt color. Once the color of the shirt has been been finalized then comes varied ideas of how the tie is to be selected. Always in formals a light colored shirt goes very well with a dark colored trouser. And according to the color of the shirt we need to match the ties with.

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A light blue colored shirt goes very well with deep blue colored tie. A grey colored shirt is as good with black tie. A pink colored shirt therefore can be matched with a magenta or even a mauve tie. While selection of tie is so important with the tint of the shirt color it is also required to understand what material adds more style to the entire dress.

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The texture of the tie should be rich enough since it gives a class to the entire attire. Wearing suit over a shirt can be fancy but again it depends on the type of function that needs to be attended. Whether it's a function of wedding or birthdays or official meeting of any formal conference. All these things to be taken into consideration while the selection being made.

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A simple way to match tie with a shirt is to remember that a striped shirt goes well with a plain tie. A multicolored shirt goes well with a single colored tie. A single colored plain shirt may be paired up with a striped or patterned tie.

Matching the tie and the trouser is a very important aspect. The tie may go well with a particular shirt but if the tie is not matched with the trouser then it gives the look away.

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As per fashion experts wearing a tie is also getting out of fashion these days and in the next twenty five to thirty years it will be worn less all over the world. Therefore men must keep up with the fashion.Men should always encourage wearing more of this attire and make it look really attractive so people they don't change the perception of wearing tie with a softer colored shirt and a fancy good looking suit over it.

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