Scorpio weekly horoscope prediction 18th October to 25 th October

Venkatamma October 18th, 2020 02:19

Quote of the day

Be master of who does not love you and slave of who loves you (Turkish proverb).


Scorpio Horoscope - Love More than ever, you will need to check the effectiveness of your power of seduction, but your spouse or partner will hardly appreciate to see you flirting squarely under their nose. Do not exceed the limits, or beware of unpleasant surprises! Single, you will be in great demand, and you will not risk suffering from loneliness. However, if you have had enough of chaining adventures together, you will be offered the opportunity to calm down: you will have an electrifying encounter, which could turn your life upside down.

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Your financial situation should improve. Pluto will stop forcing you to be rigorous in managing your budget. Those of you coming out of a lean period will start to breathe easier.


The Sun, by influencing one of the health sectors of your chart, will boost you. You will therefore benefit from excellent energy, very good physical and moral dynamism. You will thus feel master and responsible for your destiny and your evolution.


You will have to react very quickly and be ready to take full advantage of the planetary influences of the day. The stars will give you the energy and daring you need to take action at work. You will be able to sweep the obstacles that stand in your way and achieve important professional goals. Then, all you have to do is strengthen your achievements and defend them. However, in the field of consolidation, you are very strong.


You will be a little worried, not knowing very well if the beings you adore, especially your children, still love you as much. But these doubts will no longer be in order tonight, as your loved ones will openly show you their affection.

Social life

You will show yourself in your true light, with your faults and your qualities. A certain distrust would be desirable; don't wait until you've cut your finger to beware of sharp knives.


Show yourself perfectly correct with your interlocutors.

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