Eye color and size will reveal many secrets of girls' hearts!

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It is said that the eyes work with the tongue. In such a situation, the deep secret hidden in the mind of the person can also be detected. It may be surprising to hear, but according to Samudra Shastra, the personality and color of a person's eyes can be easily understood. So let us tell you some special things related to the person's eyes today…

Black eyes

Black-eyed girls are masters of sharp brains and full of many qualities. His six sense is amazing. By planning everything, it achieves success in everything. Being honest and clear of heart, these girls are always ready to help everyone.

Brown eyes

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Girls with eyes of this color are a bit selfish. These girls are interested in doing the same work in which they have some benefit. They do not care about the things or troubles of others. In such a situation, it only takes attention to solve its problems and problems while paying attention to someone.

Gray eyes

Gray-eyed girls own open thoughts. They like to live their lives without any restraint. Being happy, honest and sociable, these girls quickly get along with everyone. Being an outspoken, she prefers to keep the matter straight in her mind instead of facing it. Also, these girls like to roam in different and new places.

Big eyes

Girls with big eyes are honest and full of confidence. With the heart clear, these girls are ready to help everyone.

Blue eyes

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Girls with blue eyes own very sharp intellects. In such a situation, fooling them is not an easy task. Also, they can be called mean. These girls do not hesitate to leave the front and cheat at any turn of life for their selfishness. In such a situation, it is better not to make the mistake of trusting these girls.

Sunken eyes

Girls with such eyes tend to think deeply. In such a situation, they are very interested in knowing and understanding mysterious things. She herself does not like to share her words with anyone. Also, she keeps a lot of secrets hidden inside her.

Circular eyes

Girls with eyes of this size are much faster than brains. It does any work with complete consideration. Also, being visionary, these girls are not in a hurry to take any decision. Also, they do not trust anyone quickly.

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