It is necessary to sleep for eight hours for good health, otherwise there may be 5 losses

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You must be aware that at least eight hours of sleep is necessary to stay healthy. But if you do not get enough sleep for at least eight hours, then you do not know what health damage you may have to suffer. Know the 5 disadvantages that result from lack of sleep….

1. While we are sleeping, there are some positive changes in our body, including our development, improvement, relux of cells and mental development. But you do not get this benefit if you do not get enough sleep.

2. If you do not get enough sleep, it proves extremely dangerous for your mental capacity and memory. Your memory keeps decreasing, even you can have amnesia.

3. The victims of stress and mental problems are often those who do not get enough sleep and the brain is not able to get the right amount of rest.

4. When sleep is not complete, the body and mind cannot get complete rest, due to which there are problems like physical pain, stiffness. Apart from this, heavy head, irritability is also common.

5. Less sleep also has a great effect on your digestive system. If you do not get enough sleep, the digestive power becomes weak, due to which you may also have problems of not having a stomach or constipation.

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