Secrets Revealed on How to Play Solitaire and Win

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Are you a big fan of Solitaire? Do you play it whenever you have a bit of free time to relax and take your mind away from daily activities? Well, then you definitely know many secrets of Solitaire card games. However, even though you think that you know everything, there are always some tips that you didn’t know about free Solitaire games. Are you curious to know more about them? Keep reading the rows below and find how to play Solitaire online and win every time you do so.

Tested Tips & Tricks to Play Solitaire

Most probably you found different resources online teaching you how to play classic Solitaire or its modern versions. And if you did not, we identified the most useful hacks that many players apply in their games and that always bring victory. So, take a look at what we have prepared for you:

  • Play twos and aces immediately

Once you find any ace or two available, you should put them on the foundation stacks as soon as possible just because these are the starting cards for each pile. Therefore, as soon as you discover them at the beginning of your game, you should get rid of them instantly.

  • Put a king on empty spaces asap

If you didn’t know, empty spaces in Solitaire can be filled with kings only. Therefore, even if you play to create empty spaces but you don’t have kings to fill them, they are useless. Remember that clearing a space just because you can do it won’t help you with anything if don’t wait until you have a king available. 

  • Choose the right king to commence a sequence

Our next hack advises you to play kings carefully. But what does this mean? Well, when you have the empty spot, you shouldn’t hurry up filling it with the immediately available king. You should have a broader picture. So, if you put a black king on the empty space, you should have a red queen immediately available. This means that the next card that should be placed on the queen is a black jack and so on. Thus, before you fill in an empty space, you should first check which king has the larger number of cards available in the following moves.

  • Start with the column that has the highest number of hidden cards

Speaking of Solitaire online, your purpose is to reveal as many cards as possible in no time. Even though it seems the most difficult step, you should start moving the cards from the pile that has the biggest number of hidden cards. As a result, the more cards you reveal, the higher your chances will be to find the next card combinations and finish the game faster.

  • Plan your first move carefully

If you want to grow your chances to open as many cards as possible in one go, you should plan carefully your first move. Our recommendation is to start the game by drawing a card from the stock, if possible. Therefore, you will reveal one more card from the beginning and have more possibilities to stack new sequences.


Indeed, Solitaire is a game that requires a lot of patience and an organized mind. And we hope that these hacks will help you create your strategy before you start such a game. Also, these simple tips will help you understand Solitaire better if you are a beginner and will give you the courage to try its more difficult versions like FreeCell or Pyramid.

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