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In this scorching summer season, everyone is planning vacations in all the mountainous areas these days due to the scorching sun and heat. In such a situation, your skin is most important with all the necessary ingredients.

Which has to endure a lot when you go to the hot summer area. In such a situation, we should think about our skin along with the brain and do not forget to carry everything related to the skin. For example, take a good quality hand cream for soft hands. So let's know how we can prevent the effect of changes in the weather on the skin.

Sunscreen lotion is important

Whenever you go out in the sun, apply sunscreen lotion on the face and all the open parts of the body 20 minutes before that. For this you should always use sunscreen with more than 30 SPF. Not only this, to reduce the effect of sunburn, you can also massage cold milk on the face for a while.

Do not forget moisturizer

Remember to keep a moisturizer in your travel bag during the summer holidays. Due to the strong wind in the hilly areas, the skin may become dry.

Take care of hair too

If you are going to choose a sea place to roam, then bathing in that water can harm your hair. While doing this you can wear a cap on your head. So that your hair will be saved from the heat of the sun and the loss of salt water. Wash the face with fresh fresh water after bathing in saltwater saltwater.

Conditioner is also important

Strong winds can make your hair lifeless and dry, so don't forget to keep conditioner with you. It will make your hair shiny and soft by retaining moisture in your hair.

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