4 Surprising Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

Irfan Hassan October 16th, 2020 12:37

Unfortunately, aging is inevitable. However, wrinkles do not have to be. We want to help prevent your wrinkles from becoming a problem. Take a look at four amazing ways you can reduce wrinkles and limit the risk. Before we get started, you may want to remember this point: aging isn't the only thing that causes wrinkles. Thus, most of your habits and the lifestyle you lead can cause premature aging problems.

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1. Sunscreen

It's not too late to start reducing your wrinkles by using sunscreen. The sun is perfect for you, meeting your vitamin D needs. However, if you spend too much time in the unprotected sun, it will only deepen your wrinkles. So, you should apply sunscreen every morning. If you plan to swim, you have to drive again. Especially in the summer, you will apply your sun protection every few hours. Be sure to invest in a quality sunscreen designed specifically for your face (many BB creams and foundations contain SPF).

2.Wearing Sunglasses

Yes, you read that right. You have applied sunscreen all over your face, but it won't be very good if the sun is tiring your eyes. So make sure you invest in a high-quality (polarized, preferably) pair of sunglasses. Your goose feet will thank you. Just make sure you apply your sunscreen first and reapply it around your eyes regularly.

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3. Sleep Well

Lack of sleep contributes to high stress levels. Chronic stress can cause many health problems, one of which is early signs of aging. Lack of sleep and chronic stress can also cause depression, which can increase your risk of wrinkles.

Bonus points if you can sleep on your back. Your pillow can contribute to the increase of wrinkles on your face. If you sleep on your side, using a pure silk pillowcase can help you avoid wrinkles. It's also a great way to keep your hair healthy and less likely to break while sleeping with silk pillowcases.

4. Quit Smoking

First of all, smoking is likely to increase wrinkles in your mouth. As they tighten regularly, they lead to fine lines that will only get deeper. You may also want to reconsider the importance of using straws with all drinks. The second downside to smoking is the chemicals you inhale. Thanks to nicotine, your blood vessels narrow, which means your skin cannot get the nutrients it needs. Thus, it creates (or worsens) wrinkles. So, smoking at all levels is bad for you.

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