According to the rules, remove your job-trade problems, will open the door to success

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Tuesday poor or needy should get food. Use more and more red color on this day.


Kheer should be offered to Lord Shiva on Monday. Kheer should also be distributed as Prasad.


Green clothes should be donated on Wednesday. If possible, do this remedy every Wednesday.


The people of this zodiac should worship Chandra Dev. On Monday, distribute white sweets among the poor.

Leo sun sign

You should worship Sun God. Try to eat yellow, red or orange on this day.


Offer food to girls younger than 8 years old on Wednesday or give some gifts. Donating green clothes will be auspicious.

Libra zodiac

One should worship Chandra Dev along with Lord Shiva. Eat some white colored food first thing in the morning.


Tie a red colored thread in your hand. Make arrangements for grains and water for birds on Tuesday.

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Always wear yellow thread in your hand. Worship Lord Vishnu. Donate a yellow colored handkerchief in the temple on Thursday.


Serve leprosy patients. Donate black urad and black clothes to a poor person on Saturday.


Worship Shani Dev daily. Clean the temple of Shani Dev every Saturday.


Fast on Thursday. Worship Lord Vishnu. Donate yellow food. Wear yellow thread in your hand.

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