Top 5 Lipsticks for More Than just your Lips

Anupra September 10th, 2020 07:08

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Is it just me or do spontaneous evens keep popping up through the day? Whether it's a meeting or happy hour , there's always something going on that requires a makeup change. Who can relate?

I try to stay prepared for anything and everything that may come up, (sometimes even with an extra pair of clothes in the car) and always with a few makeup products for easy touch-ups. I try to avoid lugging my entire makeup bag with me, so I am constantly on the search for the tips and tricks to make the most out of a few go-to products. And now, I am passing on my best kept secrets on to you: multi-tasking lipsticks that can transform your whole face. Yep, you read that right..Here they are.

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RMS beauty Lip Shine, $25

With a touch of shine and colour thanks to pure mineral pigments, this is perfect for lips or even cheeks and lips . The packaging and non-stick formula make it ideal to apply with fingers on the go.

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Jeffrey star cosmetics velour

Liquid Lipstick, $18

For a subtle- yet-blod look, try using this cult-favourite as a colourful eyeliner. The best selling, safe for eyes formula glides on smoothly and leaves behind a bold, matte finish. Plus, with the wide range of available colours, you are sure to find the perfect one for both your eyes and lips. Can you say unexpected?

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RMS Beauty Lip To Cheek, $ 36

another great RMS find this one gives the perfect, natural flush for lips and cheeks. Apply the buildable formula to go on as natural-looking for as intense as you wish.

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sulwhasoo Essential Lip Serum Stick, $38

in the No. 1 Apricot serum shade, this one makes for a beautiful, Subtle highlighter. Effortlessly add sheer, healthy looking Sheen to both lips and cheekbones with just one product.

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Surratt Beauty Automatique Lip Crayon, $34

This super-saturated lip crayon with a light, balmy feel is perfect for anywhere you may need a touch of colours, like lips, cheecks or lids. With high-intensity colour in a hydrating-Matte finish, a little goes a long way. Plus, depending on the complexion, an orange or red shade can also serve as a colour corrector; just cover the concealer after application.

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