Leo weekly horoscope prediction 18th October to 24 th October

Venkatamma October 18th, 2020 09:11


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You cannot be both in the oven and in the mill (French proverb).


Leo Horoscope - Love Under the restrictive influence of Saturn, you will be very demanding of your spouse. You will have a hard time accepting it as it is. Of course, you can look to make things better, but use extreme tact and a good sense of the realities. Single, Mars in good appearance could come as a surprise. This star of passion and sensuality could make you very attractive and at the same time earn you a very pleasant adventure, even if it is not doomed to last very long.

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Beware of financial disillusionment due to miscalculating the amount of your available resources! In addition, this position of Mercury suggests either an unexpected inflow of money, or, more certainly, an unfortunate tendency to waste household money. The two can happen at the same time elsewhere.


You will be under good astral influences. So your dynamism and your good will will allow you to make the most of your vital energy. If you are coming out of a period of illness or depression, the stars will allow you to recover and regain your vitality very quickly.


Professionally, we can expect a slowdown in business. If inactivity weighs on you, take the delicate steps that you keep putting off, especially since you will now have the art of getting your interlocutors to share your point of view.


You will have tremendous optimism. In particular, this will have a beneficial influence on your little world. You will revive the failing morale of some of your relatives, or encourage your children if they have difficulties in their studies or if they take exams or competitions.

Social life

The Moon will be well aspectated, which will open a great day in which the pull of your personality will make you get what you want in social relationships. In addition, the presence of the planet Mercury will further enhance your possibilities and bring you many facilities.

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