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Camphor is such a tremendous thing that not only is used in pooja lessons but also it is very useful in warding off the negative energy and mosquito of our house. Camphor is also very beneficial for our health. Not only this, the atmosphere also becomes very pure due to its fragrance. Know about many benefits of camphor .

Due to fatigue, many times pain starts throughout the body and in the joints. For this, lukewarm coconut oil and grind the camphor in it and mix well. Massage the body with this oil, which will relieve pain.

In the common cold, the nose is often completely closed and breathing difficulties are also encountered. In this case, heat the water and put some pieces of camphor in it. Taking steam with this hot water will open your nose.

Sometimes due to mild injury, there is swelling in the feet or pain in the joints. In this case, humans use painkiller medicines and creams. Instead, camphor can be rubbed on the inflamed area and on the joints, which will cure the pain and reduce the swelling.

In summer, people often get blisters on the feet due to sweat, which causes fungal infection, for fun news, grind camphor in lukewarm water and keep the feet wet for a while. With this your feet infection will go away.

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