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Actor, MP, and dancer.  On Friday, Dreamgirl Hemamalini became 72 years old. On her birthday, fans also congratulated her.  Mathura MP Hemamalini has many secrets related to her life, which she shared in a conversation with Jagran in the past.
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It is a matter of days when the international dancer, Evergreen actress, and Mathura MP Hema Malini was with her mother in Chennai for a few years from Delhi.  Her dances were a time of cultivation and school education. It must have been fourteen years old.  She was then just an innocent girl with Ishwar's Di Medha. A dance performance took place. Wonderful appreciated. A fan reached the school with a letter of appreciation from So Reeza.  Gave the letter to the guard at the gate and went. The letter reached the principal and there was a misunderstanding.  Went a lot of chandeliers. 
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Little Hema could not understand anything. The principle said, show this to your mother. The weeping child reached the mother. The mother read the entire letter in a relaxed manner and was very happy. Hema still did not understand anything. The mother said it is a fan. Has written a letter of appreciation for your dance performance. Then there was no place for happiness. The schoolboys considered it a lover's lover.
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The madness of classical dance abroad
Those who like classical dance abroad are increasing. As people are taking interest in Bollywood dance, there is also a deep interest in classical dance The craze of classical music has increased abroad.  Once when I went to Russia, I was stunned to see the dance class of Indian classical dance. There is a tremendous craze for classical dance. Foreign artists were dancing with saris and bindi. Classical dance is also very popular in Georgia, France, and Switzerland.
 I am an artist first, then more I am also an MP, film actress, and dancer. But first of all, I consider myself an artist. I used to dance and film. But then the film subsided, still doing dance shows by the grace of God.  My dance ballet is very popular. Storytelling and dancing with the group.

I created a fusion of Kathak of North and Bharatanatyam of South in Georgia. It was my fantasy, to invite people from abroad and have them perform with artists from India. Three years ago he did it in four states. It became very popular. Georgia is very much my fan. Her dance is also energetic. Now my idea is to bring Russian and Indian artists together to make dance ballet. However, it was postponed due to a corona infection.

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