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Welcome to Fact 98 We're going to tell you some fascinating stuff about Ant.credit: third party image reference

You know Ant has too much stomach. Studies has shown that Ant has two stomachs. The Ant uses the stomach for herself and the other uses it to store food. Then she goes ahead and feeds the store food to the rest of the Crowd. In the language of science, it's called Trephalosis. It's supporting nature. Just got a Nature. Ant is small, but she has a lot of bravery. Ant can drop an elephant with her intellect, so never let someone forget you.

Ant still walks with her flock. Ant is also two shades of red and black "Ant likes candy"

credit: third party image reference

Lift up to three times its weight Ant or pupilica is a social insect, known as a biological clade called Phormicidae. More than 12,000 castes of this number have been listed, and it is estimated that there are approximately 10,000 more castes. They have an immense impact on the global climate, which Pipilicologists research closely.

The brain of the ant is known to be the strongest among the insects. It comprises around 250,000 brain cells, and the queen ant is the largest. The important task is to lay eggs, to lay thousands of eggs.

credit: third party image reference

The body of the male ant is small. The queen dies a few days after she's pregnant. The job of the other ants is to bring food, take care of children, and build a colony house. The work of guardian ants is also to protect the house. Liquids shared mouth-to-mouth by social insects contain proteins and small molecules that can influence the development and organization of their colonies.

  1. Size: 1/16" to 1/4"

2.Shape: Segmented, Oval

3. Color: Dark brown to black and glossy


4.6 Wings: Varies

5.Antenna: Yes

6.Common Name: Argentine ant

7.Kingdom: Animalia

8.Phylum: Arthropoda

9.Class: Insects

10.Order: Hymenoptera

11.Family: Formicidae


Argentine ants prefer sweet substances but consume almost everything, including meat, eggs, oils and fats. Even, when it comes to food forage, Argentinian ants leave pheromone traces wherever they go, instead of only from the nest to the food source. This practice means that they do not waste time visiting the same place twice. Though ants are primarily responsible for food harvesting in other species, Argentine queens also assist in food foraging.


Argentina and the colonies are found in a wet area near a food source. These colonies may grow to a colossal scale, often covering entire habitats, such as the entire garden or your entire backyard.


Impact: Argentina ants do not pose a health threat, but they can contaminate food by leaving their body waste behind.

Prevention: Remove standing water. Pests like flies, mosquitoes and termites are drawn to moisture.

Holding branches of trees and other plants cut back from the building. Often the pests take advantage of these branches to get to your house.

Make sure there are no gaps or tiny holes around the bottom of your building. Often the pests take advantage of this to get to your house.

Make sure you don't store firewood and building materials next to your house. Pests tend to build nests in wooden piles.

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