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This year Navaratri starts on October 17 and nine different forms of Maa Durga are worshiped throughout this 9-day festival. In such a situation, many people also keep a fast to get the blessings of Mother Rani, and if you talk about eating during the fast, radish potato pumpkin water chestnut flour is used in it. But if we talk about salt, rock salt is consumed instead of ordinary salt. But do you know why rock salt is used during the fast. If not, then let us tell you today.

Actually, ordinary salt is called sea salt. This salt undergoes many chemical processes in preparation. In this case, due to not being completely pure, it is not very beneficial for health. In contrast, rock salt is known as Pahari or Rock-Salt. Also, this salt is very pure and light due to low saline and iodine. In such a situation, due to its rich nutritional properties, it takes good care of health. In such a situation, you can take rock salt without any problem because it works to provide many benefits to your body.

Reduced amount of iodine in rock salt keeps blood pressure under control. Swelling near the eyes decreases.

Let us tell you that by consuming it, the body gets all the high elements easily, because the digestive system is strong, the risk of stomach-related diseases is also reduced to a great extent. Not only this, by consuming it, energy also remains in the body throughout the day. Stress helps in reducing fatigue, its consumption reduces appetite, so the problem of increasing body weight is also avoided. Along with the better method of blood circulation, the toxins present in the body are removed. People who have stones problem. They should consume salt only.

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