If you have forgotten how to break Android's lock

Ronakthe September 27th, 2020 01:41

There are two or three ways to break the lock of the bile, but today I am going to tell you the best way among all those methods.

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Let us tell you that there are three ways to break the lock of the phone -

Hard reset (Factory reset): - In this, after you switch off your phone, the power button and volume button of your phone are pressed together for some time. The factory is then reset by option collection via the volume button. By resetting the factory using this method, the FRP locks in your phone. Which needs to be bypassed. After that you have to enable the developer option by going to the settings of your phone and enable OEM unlock in it, then after rebooting your phone, your lock is removed.

OTG through: - This method is exactly like a factory reset, it shows you a notification after hard resetting the phone after applying OTig, through which you can easily enter the settings and enable the developer option in it. OM unlock is enabled and after reboot your phone lock breaks.

Google account: - In this, the lock of any smartphone from Google account can be easily broken. In this you do not take much time from other processes. In this, your mobile phone is locked and forgotten and its password has to come, in such a situation, if you remember the email ID and password of that phone then you can easily remove your phone.

For this, you have to follow the given step: -

First of all, you have to download Find My Device in your phone, you can easily find it on Play Store.

After that you have to enter the email ID and password of that phone.

After entering the email ID and password of the phone in that application, you see an option of setup secure & Erase and you have to click on it.

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