Do gold facials for free this weekend and save thousands of rupees

Praveen5555 October 16th, 2020 07:07
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If there is a frown on your face, then do gold facials for free this weekend at home and save thousands of rupees in the parlor.   In the monsoon rain, all the facial makeup gets washed away and freckles start appearing.  If this is also the case with you, then remove facial freckles by doing this weekend gold facials.  Don't worry ... we're not asking you to go to the parlor.  It would take thousands of rupees to get gold facials in the parlor and spend thousands of rupees in one hour only to remove facial wrinkles ... It's not fair !!
 Then what to do?
 Then gold facials should be done for free while sitting at home.
 There is no need to be surprised.  You can do gold facials from home by doing a little hard work by yourself.
 Why gold facials only?
 Gold facials are well liked by the people.  But it is very expensive.  Actually, it cleans all the dirt on the face and brings gold to the face.  Therefore, most women get gold facials to enhance their face.  Keeping this need of women in mind, a lot of money is charged in the parlor.
 While reading this article, you can fulfill your need for free.
 Benefits of gold facials
 Gold facials can be applied on any skin type.
 It removes dirt from the skin.
 Sun fixes damage.
 Glows on face.
 Removes shadows and freckles of age.
 First Buy Gold Facial Kit
 Buy a gold facial kit on your way back home this evening.  This kit mainly consists of gold cleanser, facial scrub, facial cream or gel and facial mask.  Also, buy a good company moisturizing lotion.
 Do skin cleansing
 Go home and wash hands first.  Then after that wash face and throat twice with your facewash.  This will clear all the dirt of face and throat.  Face and throat should be completely cleaned by starting gold facials.
 After this, clean the face and throat with the help of a cleaner in the kit.  Then wash the face with lukewarm water and wipe it with a clean cloth.
 Now use the scrub present in the kit.  Scrub the face and throat with a scrub.  Dead cells are removed by scrubbing.  Moving away from the skin of dead cells brings glow on the face and the face looks clean and glowing.  Apply a scrub to the face and throat and massage the face for two minutes, rotating the fingers in circular positions in a clockwise direction.  Then leave this scrub on the face and throat for 30 seconds.  Then wash and wipe the face with lukewarm water.
 Facial massage with gold cream
 Now use the gold cream given in the kit to massage the face and throat.  It is a facial massage cream that has the properties of golden foil, gold powder, sprouted wheat oil, saffron, aloe vera and sandalwood.  Massage with this for two to three minutes.  Then let it dry on the face.  When the cream dries, wipe face and throat with a wet clean cloth.
 Gold mask
 Now use gold mask.  Apply it on the face and throat and then let this mask dry on the face.  When it dries, remove it from the face.  Remove the mask, wash the face with cold water and wipe it well.
 All your facials are over.  Wipe the face with a clean wet cloth and apply a good moisturizer on the face.  You will see a clear difference.  Its effect is seen in three to four days.  Therefore, you will see its effect on the coming Mondays and Tuesdays.
 Take care of these things
 To make gold facials at home, use only the product of a well-known brand.
 Do not use anything else while doing gold facials.
 Always keep your hands clean before facials.
 Once used, its effect starts showing.  Do it 1 time every 3 months.
 Women from 20 to 60 years of age can use this facial.  Then what is the delay?  Try this facial today and bring a golden glow to your face.

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